Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vintage Trailer Open House at Glamping Weekend 2014

Wow! It has been ages since I last wrote. My excuse is that life is happening and I'm taking advantage of every moment! 
In May I was getting ready for The International Glamping Weekend here in Oregon. It was held outside Sisters,Oregon at the Garden RV Park the first weekend of June. We were a much smaller group than last year when we had around 50 gals at Stub Stewart Park (close to Portland). This year about 20 made the trek up the mountains to Sisters. 

We had a fun time in spite of keeping a watch on the forest fires just a short distance away.
We started off with a meet ad greet with the game Apples to Apples. Shirley and Michelle concocted a tasty way to celebrate. Lucky winners take a drink from the fish bowl.
We all enjoyed the vintage trailer open house. It is so exciting to visit so many sweet trailers. Unfortunately many of my photos were too dark. So not all the trailers are included.
But, one never knows what will be inspirational to someone else. So here goes! By the way, you can see the fire plume in the background of the first photo.
Don't you love these incredibly functional teardrops. 
I wish my photos of this tiny trailer would have turned out. The interior was in a cupcake theme. So pretty!

This was the owners first glamping rally. I think we persuaded  her to not sell her teardrop. It was very nice!

Another adorable teardrop with a Highway 66 theme in the kitchenette.

Mary's new Silverstreak has a gypsy theme. Loved her  fringed awning cover.

Beautiful inside and outside!

My La Dee Dah 

Hope you enjoyed the trailer open house.
More of our glamping weekend fun in my next post.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More vintage love from the Brits

Just a quick note for all you Downton Abby fans. You may also enjoy The Bletchley Circle. This is a different period piece. It takes place in the early 1950's and is a bit of a thriller. It involves four gals that were active in the secret group in Great Britain that cracked the German codes during WWII. I love the stories and the clothes, hairstyles etc. are fantastic!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dreamin' in 2014

The new year is here! Are you beginning to notice the days are getting a teeny bit longer? It's five o'clock and still light out! I'm starting to dream pleasant dreams people.  

........days of lovely camping, nestled in the trees beside a glistening lake. Perfection!

That dream won't be so great if plans aren't made and some camp spots aren't booked!
Just before the holidays I got a move on. So far, I've arranged for International Glamping Weekend at a private park in Sisters, Oregon. Then decided on several weekends with Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailer Group at Champoeg and Fort Stevens late summer and fall.
I still need to think about some glampin' on our own. My thought is to stay home weekends most of the time this summer. The local recreational activities right in our own backyard are a lot of fun. I don't want hubs and I to miss out on them. So, our glamping adventures will happen during the week. I think this will work out well, because it may be less crowded at camp grounds on weekdays anyway.

 I haven't just been making camp plans. La Dee Dah has a few things needing attention. I know if I don't make a list of things to get done by this summer, they'll fall by the wayside. What's on your list? Here are a few of my to-dos for La Dee Dah. 

Don't laugh! Number one, her oven is not working correctly. I know. I read all these ads for trailers and no one even knows if their ovens work....but I do bake in the oven. Really. It gets up to temperature and then goes off....permanently... until you relight. You have to wear a heavy glove on the hand while you light it every few minutes. Not fun! So hubs has an expert who will come and take a look at the oven and hopefully get it working properly. 
Then I have to tighten up the fabric on the first cushion I recovered last spring. It just is too loose and there is always a big wrinkle right in the middle....darn! 
I also want to paint the cupboard over the back window. It was handmade by the former owner and is ripe for a glamping do over. I'm thinking of painting it red around the frame and then modpodging fabric or paper on the door. 
Talkin' doors. I want to do something about the fridge door too. It is a bit bunged up. Right now I have some cute magnets covering those scratches up. 
Then there's the problem of a possible leak....eek! During the torrential rain storm at Seaquest last summer there was some dampness at a corner of the back window. It could have been condensation, but needs to be checked out. 
That's a bunch of stuff off the top of my head to get done. We are off vacationing some of February and March (sans trailer). The time will slide by if I'm not careful. 

With the holidays behind me, I'm excited to be focusing on La Dee Dah and getting ready for a fun glamping season! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grayland WA was not gray

Oh boy! I wish I had a good excuse, but alas, I don't. I began this post way back in September and have finally returned to finish.  So here goes.... 

 Oh my gosh! We were really grateful to arrive at Grayland under a sky free from rain. After setting up camp the sea air was calling us to the beach.

Hubs, my brother and sis in law gathering sea shells.

An unusual find on the beach..a beautiful starfish. 

We saw quite a few large jellyfish dotting the sand. Their internal structure was easily seen.

In the distance I could see wind generation at work. 

Grayland fishing port

During the afternoon we drove into the town of Grayland. It has a nice waterfront where we ate lunch at one of the restaurants. I was tempted by these fresh caught crabs. But had a salad instead.

Local catch

Back to our camp for my brother and hubs to puzzle out the trick kite.

The kite was finally ready and off we trooped to fly it on the beach. I fell in love with kite flying with this type of kite!

My brother showed me how to work the controls. Before long I was arcing and looping too!  I really want one for my own!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glamping in the Rain

What's a gal to do when it is pouring down raining?

Make a nice cuppa!

La Dee Dah's little kitchenette is so much fun to work in. Very compact. 
Fill the kitty tea kettle and heat the water.

The tea tray is set and ready.

Books are available and a warm Pendleton awaits.
Pillows plumped!
And a wild cowgirl looks on.
Jessie and I settle in to enjoy the afternoon.
Ha, ha! Let it pour!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

August Storms

The summer has certainly sped by! I've had a lot of fun adventuring on foot, by car and in La Dee Dah. Our latest travel was back to Seaquest in Washington in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This time hubs and I met my two
brothers and sis-in-law from California. We had checked the weather forecast and there was to be a little rain, but that would clear. So off we went!

Well, the weather was pretty horrible all four days! A huge storm pushed in and we had torrential rain, thunder and lightening every night and early morning. I guess we were fortunate that it cleared a little during the day. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in and all of Mt. Saint Helen's was obscured. We were able to visit the information center and I was able to get a few nature photos.
 The Toutle River Valley as the fog was settling in. This was as good as it got!
 Our view of Mt. Saint Helens! We never had a clear view the entire time.
 Instead of trying to see the mountain....futile... I spent some time photographing flowers. They were still quite lovely, dotting the grassy meadows and roadsides.

 One morning a couple of visitors wandered into our camp. After enjoying a breakfast of blackberries they sauntered back into the forest.

Since it was raining we spent a lot of time playing cards and visiting. La Dee Dah was dwarfed by the big rigs. We camped here to be close to my brother's fifth wheel on the left.

Vintage trailer lights added a little cheer to the stormy nights.
After four days of drizzle during the day and storms at night, we were happy to pack up. Our next destination, Grayland,Washington. Maybe we'll see some sun people!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Out and About

Mr.J and I walked Hawthorne area this week. The walk began at Mt. Tabor Park and then down to the Hawthorn area. Mr.J thinks we ought to tootle on over there every week to climb the stairs. I'm not quite so enthused!
The fields were in bloom. Sweetpeas and Queen Anne's Lace dotted the hillside. 

One of Portland's famous uncovered water reservoirs, #6. Great view of the city.

We passed by the Western Seminary. The doors and windows were wide open to let a little air in. day! 

The long, hot road before us. 

The flowers were often lovely along our route through residential area.

We wandered past coffee shops, restaurants and lots of vintage stores.

 Hawthorne Vintage was one we went into. I found a pink and black silk scarf with a mid-century modern vibe. Mr.J gravitated towards an aggressive sounding turquoise timer. We ended up at Ben and Jerry's for a cool off with ice cream before hiking back up the hill where we left the car.
It was a fine way to spend the day with my favorite guy!