Friday, March 22, 2013

A Stitch in Time

Life just keeps chuggin' along.
The red paint job turned out well. But there it sits waiting for a cute interior. I love the bright cherry red on the outside! 
pocket with contrasting checked trim
You know cherry fabric would be really cute as a lining. So off to the fabric store I went! Now a fabric store is a really dangerous place for me. I find way too many lush fabrics that I just have to have!  I ended up buying a bunch with the thought of making strings of bunting flags too. Once home I got busy making patterns for the lining for the train case and the flags.
I saw one upcycled case that had a pocket in the lid. So I sewed one in mine too. I added some red checked trim and a cute little button with a cherry design.
 The main part of the case is gathered and trimmed with polka dot ribbon. 

The bunting was easily done. I pinked the edges and then sewed them 3/8 inches from the edge in red stitching. They are double sided. I used red seam binding for the string, sewing the flags about an inch apart. I left a foot on each end of seam binding for tying.
 I'm pleased with how everything turned out. My next project will be making an apron. Oh, did I forget to mention that!!
 Couldn't resist getting fabric for the
apron too!
 Happy Spring!

I used this tutorial to help me design a pattern for my train case.