Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well people, look what I found...hee, hee!

A week ago I was prowling around my local Goodwill looking for the elusive vintage prom dress for the International Glamping Weekend Do. I'm not really sure why I think I'm going to find one at Goodwill, since they go for at least $100 or more at Etsy shops. I am the eternal optimist though.  Well, as I was saying.....poking around, foraging the racks, when something caught my looking red! Hee hee..a brilliant red crinoline right there on the rack! Now I really never expected a 1950's crinoline....massively full. I snapped it up, of course. No more hunting, because the crinoline petticoat is just as good for my glamping outfit as a prom dress. I googled the name on the tag, Nita Smith. Apparently she formed the first company making rockabilly and square dancing attire in the 1950's. So mine is authentic too. I also picked up a cute denim jacket to top off the outfit. This is going to be a hoot!  I also think this may make me look as wide as La Dee Dah! I'm wearing my outfit to the Death by Chocolate Party. Maybe it will hide all the tasty things I may eat! I'll post a photo as soon as I get myself glammed up.
My petticoat...but not me in it, people!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pin Dots Too!

The sewing machine has been rattling off those little feet these last few days. I've finally finished all the curtains! I can verify La DeeDah does have a lota' windows! Of course, with each project comes the inevitable snafu. This time I didn't allow enough length for the take up of the rod. So..o-o..o-o... I had to take apart the top of two curtains and add a little to each. Fortunately, I checked before I got them all done...sheesh! But then I was short on fabric.  The hunt was on to get more. The store by my house was out of the tiny pin dot. So I drove all over trying to find it. I finally found some at a Walmart a distance away. More careful measuring next time! I am pleased with them and think they will liven the place up. Best of all they meld my color, pink, blue with a smattering of green and yellow thrown in to the mix.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eight cushions later

Sewing ....sewing and more sewing! Yes! I am finally done recovering the cushions for  La Dee Dah. It turned out to be a much bigger job than I had imagined...of course, isn't it always that way! Anywho, each cushion had it's own shape. I had failed to notice the cushions are slightly curved on the corners. Dang, no squared easy peesy corners!
 Each had to be fitted, checks lined up, zippers put in and then the sides stitched. Yikes!
Time to celebrate after more than two weeks of  cushion  recovering.

 Sounds so simple! I'm so glad I nixed piping, since we sleep on the cushions and I thought it might feel lumpy. Lucky I thought of that since piping would have just added to the work. Well, it was still a lot of work , but worth it. The checks will lighten the interior and be much more cheerful. I can hardly wait to see them in place. 
La Dee Dah is still in storage. We intend to get her next week and ready her for the glamping season. The little lady needs her door painted badly. I've chosen a pretty light blue. At some point I want to paint some decorations on the door. I thought blue would be a good background color. 
Back to my sewing projects..... curtains, next!