Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Junking at the Oregon Coast

Watching Wally and the Beaver this morning.
At least June looks good. I need some of that hairspray. She always looks so tidy and energetic. Even in the morning...Ah the vintage housewife.

 It has been very drippy...yes I know its January, but we actually sat on the beach and read ...in the sun folks..... just a day ago.
We've wandered through many a junk store and managed to come up with some good stuff and stuff with possibilities. I saw a set of atomic rooster pedestal mugs in aqua. Now they would be perfect for someone. I really love the atomic rooster pattern. Don't ask me why. So far I have resisted the urge because it really goes with nothing I have.
 Anyway, these are some things I picked up so far. A lovely set of four small octagonal plates made in England. They have a lovely floral pattern. Great colors too and for $1 a piece.

And then the sweet $3 Starflite travel case. It is a light blue and a bit faded in the front. The metal is in nice condition. The interior is not lined. It is all ready for a new look. I'm thinking red with white polka dots and cherries somewhere. Or maybe a tiny vintage trailer painted on the outside. So many ways to go! I think I need another one of those cases!

What do you think of this pink can opener? It was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. How perfect!

I came across this adorable doormat; new from Current. It's on the way to my house as I write. I'm so excited! It will look fab-u-lous! I think I'll base my exterior decor colors on the doormat too. I'm leaning towards a blue door on Lah Dee Dah like the blue in the mat.
Yikes! People!! Time to get a move on. Ward is home, problems solved and life is good!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The New Year!

It has been a couple of months since I've blogged. And don't I hope that this year offers better health for our family than last. Glad to see it go in many ways! But I started this blog to not focus on stuff like that. So get going on a better topic says voice to me!

I've enjoyed painting this past year. I showed at our local Interlachen Art Fair. Here is one of my paintings inspired by our beautiful Oregon coast.

My little trailer, La Dee Dah, became a welcome diversion for me at the end of 2012. I've been prowling the web for ideas for the redo. I am pretty set on making rolled window coverings like in this photo. Hey aren't they cute and practical too!
Recent stops at the thrift shops and vintage malls along the coastal highway in Northern California and up the Oregon coast to Lincoln City have been fun. A new buy were four colorful plates made in England. Only $1 a piece! (I need to load the photo and will include it next blog entry.)

I did pass up a very fine set of red...jeez! how could I!!! vintage luggage. The set was in really great shape too...including the little cosmetic case. Now that was what I wanted. I really didn't want the other pieces until later. None were very large and could have been upcycled or sold separately. Check out the sweet case in the checkered fabric. Just super adorable! However, the store in Florence wouldn't sell just the train case. So I just thought, oh well and moved on without thinking of other possibilities. The whole grouping was a steal, people...$20.00. Oh what was I thinking! So now I started looking at all the great ideas for storage and decor for those cuties and I'm really kicking myself. They were in such great shape and didn't even need any work....just fun decorating. No air travel had touched those babies. Anyway kids, I did find a Starflyte train case at a vintage mall in Newport for $3.00. It is in good shape, but faded. So I will paint it and finish the inside with a cute fabric. There are some great tutorials on "how to" at the website darlingadventure.com
Take care and happy camping all!