Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grayland WA was not gray

Oh boy! I wish I had a good excuse, but alas, I don't. I began this post way back in September and have finally returned to finish.  So here goes.... 

 Oh my gosh! We were really grateful to arrive at Grayland under a sky free from rain. After setting up camp the sea air was calling us to the beach.

Hubs, my brother and sis in law gathering sea shells.

An unusual find on the beach..a beautiful starfish. 

We saw quite a few large jellyfish dotting the sand. Their internal structure was easily seen.

In the distance I could see wind generation at work. 

Grayland fishing port

During the afternoon we drove into the town of Grayland. It has a nice waterfront where we ate lunch at one of the restaurants. I was tempted by these fresh caught crabs. But had a salad instead.

Local catch

Back to our camp for my brother and hubs to puzzle out the trick kite.

The kite was finally ready and off we trooped to fly it on the beach. I fell in love with kite flying with this type of kite!

My brother showed me how to work the controls. Before long I was arcing and looping too!  I really want one for my own!