Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glamping in the Rain

What's a gal to do when it is pouring down raining?

Make a nice cuppa!

La Dee Dah's little kitchenette is so much fun to work in. Very compact. 
Fill the kitty tea kettle and heat the water.

The tea tray is set and ready.

Books are available and a warm Pendleton awaits.
Pillows plumped!
And a wild cowgirl looks on.
Jessie and I settle in to enjoy the afternoon.
Ha, ha! Let it pour!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

August Storms

The summer has certainly sped by! I've had a lot of fun adventuring on foot, by car and in La Dee Dah. Our latest travel was back to Seaquest in Washington in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This time hubs and I met my two
brothers and sis-in-law from California. We had checked the weather forecast and there was to be a little rain, but that would clear. So off we went!

Well, the weather was pretty horrible all four days! A huge storm pushed in and we had torrential rain, thunder and lightening every night and early morning. I guess we were fortunate that it cleared a little during the day. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in and all of Mt. Saint Helen's was obscured. We were able to visit the information center and I was able to get a few nature photos.
 The Toutle River Valley as the fog was settling in. This was as good as it got!
 Our view of Mt. Saint Helens! We never had a clear view the entire time.
 Instead of trying to see the mountain....futile... I spent some time photographing flowers. They were still quite lovely, dotting the grassy meadows and roadsides.

 One morning a couple of visitors wandered into our camp. After enjoying a breakfast of blackberries they sauntered back into the forest.

Since it was raining we spent a lot of time playing cards and visiting. La Dee Dah was dwarfed by the big rigs. We camped here to be close to my brother's fifth wheel on the left.

Vintage trailer lights added a little cheer to the stormy nights.
After four days of drizzle during the day and storms at night, we were happy to pack up. Our next destination, Grayland,Washington. Maybe we'll see some sun people!