Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glamping in the Rain

What's a gal to do when it is pouring down raining?

Make a nice cuppa!

La Dee Dah's little kitchenette is so much fun to work in. Very compact. 
Fill the kitty tea kettle and heat the water.

The tea tray is set and ready.

Books are available and a warm Pendleton awaits.
Pillows plumped!
And a wild cowgirl looks on.
Jessie and I settle in to enjoy the afternoon.
Ha, ha! Let it pour!


  1. I love your tango pillow. You are SO creative. A rainy day brings its own kind of peacefulness to be enjoyed for sure!! You go girl!

  2. That cat tango pillow is so sweet. I tried to figure out the words but no luck. I also love that picture of your tea tray all set for tea :) La Dee Dah is looking awesome!