Sunday, June 30, 2013

La Dee Dah at the Trailer Tour

 Hello people! I'm hanging out enjoying glamping weekend.  I'm wearing a vintage inspired apron and my plastic fruit and rhinestone thrift store sweater I bought in the late 70's. I've worn this pink cutie a lot through the years. Isn't nylon wonderful! How about a tour of La Dee Dah!
 I love using my kitty tea kettle (Goodwill) every morning. Kitty's chin dribbles a bit....oh well. I store tea, coffee, and sugar in the nifty little apple canisters (Ebay). I just got the rooster cutting board at the Salvation Army. That's a cupcake soap in the soap dish to the right of the faucet. La Dee Dah's four burners work great and so does the oven.
The Dance by the Light of the Moon pillow came from an antique mall in Newport, OR. My vintage case I upcycled is tucked in the window. The curtains I made. They are tied back with red and white polka dot ribbon with a big red button glued on the front and velcro as a closure. I sewed scalloped valances for all the windows so that there would be some cute fabric above the windows even when the curtains were tied back. They stay put with a few velcro buttons. I spray painted all the rods red.
I made the pillow from Mary Jane's glamping fabric. Her fabric is so wonderful...luv!
 Tea anyone? My sweet daughter in law gave me the cherry towel. The tray is from Ikea. My glamping apron is peaking from the back.
 I made my La Dee Dah sign from a pillow sham I've had. The larger pillow is covered with a vintage square dancing kerchief. The small pillow is from Goodwill...only$1. I sewed a vintage doily on it. The table has an embroidered tablecloth I've had since the 70's. The cake plate and cover was a gift from my mother-in-law. It was hers and I treasure it dearly. The little vase belonged to a sweet aunt.
 Another shot of the kitchenette. I love the Penncrest clock radio...flea market $3. I only heard static at Stubb Stewart Park though. It's the look folks! The tray was a wonderful gift for last year's birthday. I made the tea cozy using a handkerchief that belonged to my grandmother. She went through her collection and gave me many pretty ones. I must have been about ten....oh so many years ago. The trivet has a lovely painted floral tile and is perfect for the hot kettle.
 Fun piece... Oregon souvenir plate from the thrift store for $2.
 Some favorite things! My name tag from International Glamping Weekend and the small paper bag photo book I made during our scrap booking craft activity. So much fun! Thanks to Squirrelly Shirley! Then there is my reference book for all things glamping by Mary Jane Butters.
 My train case. I painted it red, then modpodged the vintage trailer with the words...Glamping Ho! I lined the inside with a fabric print with cherries. Added a few ribbons and a silver key on the handle and ...done!
 My painted hub caps are on the left. Well, one of them anyway is partially there.  Camper Sweet Camper....I painted some pink on the design of a purchased mat to better match my colors.
 Picnic basket is filled with wonderful old plates, plastic ware, mugs and cups....pie saver too....adore it! I made the polka dot camp chair cover and appliqued the vintage trailer. Fellow glamping friend, Sara, gave me the sunflower.
 Getting ready with bunting.
 I found a vintage mailbox that matched the metal gold stripe exactly!

Me, ready to go to the Death by Chocolate Party. My goal was to go for it.... the crinoline and pink boots were so crazy!  That skirt was absolutely huge!  Next time...Death by Chocolate party pictures. What's in the basket gal???

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

International Glamping Weekend Trailers Glamped to the Max!

Take a look at all these fabulous trailers at the Oregon International Glamping Weekend. I have to say I was going as fast as I could to see all these sweet things. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of all the owners. Although I included the proud owners when possible. So enjoy the walk through and notice the amazing accessories and details.