Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sew Much

Well friends, Mr.J thought I'd better have a picture of myself in my new apron. As you can see I'm ready for my job helping with the brunch at The Stub Stewart International Glamping Weekend next month. Pretty nice, huh! Yes people, those are my pink cowgirl boots I wrote about....comfy too!

Now, as I was saying last time, I've got to get going on all those seat cushions filling up our spare bedroom. So off to Ikea I went. I bought the fabric for La Dee Dah's seats. I'd measured the seats and needed 13 yards of this red and white gingham. It's a nice weight and doesn't wrinkle at all! The red is a blue red and looks great with many of the fabrics I've been using.
I'm going to reuse the zippers in the old cushions. They are nice and heavy metal and are in good shape. Gosh, I've made another decision without stewing about it for an eternity...Yay!
Have a great week!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cuteness Confirmed


I've been waiting for Mary Jane Butter's glamping fabric to arrive in the fabric stores in my area so that I could get started on a cute little apron. I gave up using it for my bunting.....couldn't find it in any of my local stores last month. still isn't in and none of the shops know when they would be getting it. Time is ticking away! I've got so much I want to do before International Glamping Weekend. I see so many absolutely cute things that I want to make for my little trailer, La Dee Dah and for myself. I think  there's just so much cute stuff out there to sew.  So-oo-oo.... I went ahead and ordered a real cute (there's that word again!) apron from CeeJay. She has a Facebook business called Farm Fresh Aprons. This sweet thing is making it's way to my front steps as I write. Hey! Hubby just dropped a package in my lap. It's from CeeJay! That was really fast! I ordered on Tuesday, I think.
Thank you, CeeJay! WooHoo! It is wonderfully made and so very cute! It's perfect! I guess I'll just have more time to recover all those La Dee Dah seats hanging out in my guest room right now. Tomorrow I need to measure all the seats and estimate yardage. Then off to Ikea to buy all that fabric. I forgot to mention curtains need to be made too. I better get busy!!!
Glamping season is coming! Yay!!