Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Lovely Inspiration

Inspirations come from many places. For me Pinterest seems to be the most inspiring bit of technology. Pinning has given me access to so many creative sources. I am constantly amazed at everyone's outstanding ideas and projects.  
vintage linens awning
with window box
Which brings me to this stunner. Don't you think this is a lovely idea? I came across it last week and pinned it. Ooh, can't wait to dig through my stash of linens! I started collecting them in the '80's. I used some for other projects and gave a few away. But I'm sure I have something left that can be upcycled in a similar treatment. The vintage, city mailbox bought last summer will work great beneath La Dee Dah's front window as a planter. I can see it now filled with red and pink geraniums peaking out from a lush  sweet potato vine. Hmm..on the practical side, the window box has to be attached under the window. Putting holes in La Dee Dah just isn't goin' happen. Help!! So I put it to Glampers on the any ideas ladies? Fortunately my glamping pals came to the rescue. They are a very resourceful bunch! Good ideas started flowing like sweet honey...... 3M hooks, zip ties or velcro. Lots of things to try!

Now here is a low tech way of doing it too. Notice the ties holding the whole box up. Think ribbon or tulle and a big bow. Yowza!
So this is gonna' happen people!
By the way, I've had a productive junking trip to the coast for more whimsical bits and bobs for glamping...will share as soon as I photograph my treasures.
Oh summer here we dream!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Glamping Outfit...What!!??

Welcome to my members! 
(Hee-hee..all four of you!) 

Now People...... I'm all astir! I just got an email about International Glamping Weekend and the Saturday potluck event and optional glamping outfit. Glamping outfit!!! You would 'a thunk when I've looked at those glamping pictures for like forever, that I would have realized....I need fun stuff to wear! I really don't want to go as a Plain Jane in tennies and jeans. I want a pair of cowgirl boots!! Not just any pair...but a wowey, zowey, say howdy do kind of boot! And I have my winnings from the family football pool to finance the deal. So onward to the great web mall. 
After a few hours of shopping and then posting on Glampers on the Loose to get opinions of all the choices...'cause I'm so they are......
a to die for turquoise or
perfectly pink ...yum!

or a luscious hot pink ......delish! 
Almost all responders loved one of the pinks. So I made my pink!! Mmmmmm...I'm in love with that happy color!  
Where can you find these you may be asking? Well, if you are lusting after these cuties, go to They are on sale for $59.99 in 10 gorgeous colors, great reviews, and free shipping right to your own door for the next three days. What could be better? 
Glamp in style gals!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me Doin'

Thought I'd share one of my paintings. I love fields of grass and flowers. I spent time playing in similar fields as a child and it brings such good memories. 
Painting has been a restful companion while recovering from my heart attack in November. I've decided to write about this for a couple reasons. One, February is heart healthy month. Two, I hope my experience will alert others to be watchful for unusual sensations. 
My heart attack was a total blind-side since I had and have nothing to indicate it should have happened. I was just walking on the beach. The symptoms were in my neck and jaw. Kind of like a tightening in my neck and jaw. It was a very odd sensation unlike anything I've ever felt. I thought it might be a weird allergic reaction to something. I took an aspirin just in case and went to emergency. Emergency didn't think it was a heart attack until they hooked me up to the electro-cardiogram machine.The medical community was stymied. I eat healthy and have no risk factors. For goodness sake  I'm the gal that even eats those little omega-3 fish twice a week! But, hey, it happened. So I'm slowly working my way back. I had been feeling a little sorry for myself. I had to curtail a lot of my activities. Now I've been cleared to resume most physical activities as long as I monitor my heart rate. So I'm swimming and walking. I hope to add a couple more miles to my daily walk of three miles at least a few days a week
Until now I've refused to write about the heart attack until I felt like I was getting back to my old active self. I think that is finally starting to happen. 
All of this has put me behind on my plans for the redo on La Dee Dah. Meanwhile, I can plan and look forward to carrying them out as energy and time allows.
My heart to yours!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Practical Things

Holy Moly! Sometimes it  is necessary to spend on practical things instead of fun vintage finds. That is where the new shelter for La Dee Dah comes in. I'm lovin' having her under cover and it certainly eases my mind that I won't find nasty water leaks after a Pacific Northwest rainy winter. So hey, money well spent! She is tucked away securely as you can see.

Mr. J and I will be headed for the coast this week. I'm excited about what I may find to glamp out La Dee Dah this trip. Remember, last time I came home with this $3 treasure. Well, after a few coats of Rustoleum for Plastics it just glows! I think it is so cute in cherry red. Though, I'm still not done. What about some polkadots?? Maybe a sweet outline of a vintage trailer painted on the lower corner. As you see, I'm mulling over my options. Then there are the fabrics for lining...don't even get me started! Drop in again and see the results.
O-o-o people! How could I forget! I heard from Squirrely Shirley! She's the gal that is planning the International Glamping Weekend at Stub Stewart State Park outside Vernonia, Oregon. Plans are afoot and we are all getting excited to be part of the fun.
Til' next time!