Monday, February 11, 2013

Practical Things

Holy Moly! Sometimes it  is necessary to spend on practical things instead of fun vintage finds. That is where the new shelter for La Dee Dah comes in. I'm lovin' having her under cover and it certainly eases my mind that I won't find nasty water leaks after a Pacific Northwest rainy winter. So hey, money well spent! She is tucked away securely as you can see.

Mr. J and I will be headed for the coast this week. I'm excited about what I may find to glamp out La Dee Dah this trip. Remember, last time I came home with this $3 treasure. Well, after a few coats of Rustoleum for Plastics it just glows! I think it is so cute in cherry red. Though, I'm still not done. What about some polkadots?? Maybe a sweet outline of a vintage trailer painted on the lower corner. As you see, I'm mulling over my options. Then there are the fabrics for lining...don't even get me started! Drop in again and see the results.
O-o-o people! How could I forget! I heard from Squirrely Shirley! She's the gal that is planning the International Glamping Weekend at Stub Stewart State Park outside Vernonia, Oregon. Plans are afoot and we are all getting excited to be part of the fun.
Til' next time!

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  1. Guess what I am one of the campers coming to the Oregon glamping weekend. I already have my reservations.... It will be a long trip for me but lots of new camping friends to meet. Do you have reservations?...