Friday, February 15, 2013

Glamping Outfit...What!!??

Welcome to my members! 
(Hee-hee..all four of you!) 

Now People...... I'm all astir! I just got an email about International Glamping Weekend and the Saturday potluck event and optional glamping outfit. Glamping outfit!!! You would 'a thunk when I've looked at those glamping pictures for like forever, that I would have realized....I need fun stuff to wear! I really don't want to go as a Plain Jane in tennies and jeans. I want a pair of cowgirl boots!! Not just any pair...but a wowey, zowey, say howdy do kind of boot! And I have my winnings from the family football pool to finance the deal. So onward to the great web mall. 
After a few hours of shopping and then posting on Glampers on the Loose to get opinions of all the choices...'cause I'm so they are......
a to die for turquoise or
perfectly pink ...yum!

or a luscious hot pink ......delish! 
Almost all responders loved one of the pinks. So I made my pink!! Mmmmmm...I'm in love with that happy color!  
Where can you find these you may be asking? Well, if you are lusting after these cuties, go to They are on sale for $59.99 in 10 gorgeous colors, great reviews, and free shipping right to your own door for the next three days. What could be better? 
Glamp in style gals!


  1. My vote was for the hot pink and it is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of your cute glamping ensemble...I'm sure you will be a knockout! Looking forward to reading more from your Glamping Adventures!

    1. Thanks for your vote and stopping by :^). Ah..yes...there needs to be more than boots, doesn't there. Since I like vintage clothes...there must be something squirreled away around here. Drop by again!

  2. Where did you find these boots? I'd love a pair! Your painting is just lovely too. I'm so glad you were on the ball about your health and that things are looking up for you! Take care!