Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Lovely Inspiration

Inspirations come from many places. For me Pinterest seems to be the most inspiring bit of technology. Pinning has given me access to so many creative sources. I am constantly amazed at everyone's outstanding ideas and projects.  
vintage linens awning
with window box
Which brings me to this stunner. Don't you think this is a lovely idea? I came across it last week and pinned it. Ooh, can't wait to dig through my stash of linens! I started collecting them in the '80's. I used some for other projects and gave a few away. But I'm sure I have something left that can be upcycled in a similar treatment. The vintage, city mailbox bought last summer will work great beneath La Dee Dah's front window as a planter. I can see it now filled with red and pink geraniums peaking out from a lush  sweet potato vine. Hmm..on the practical side, the window box has to be attached under the window. Putting holes in La Dee Dah just isn't goin' happen. Help!! So I put it to Glampers on the any ideas ladies? Fortunately my glamping pals came to the rescue. They are a very resourceful bunch! Good ideas started flowing like sweet honey...... 3M hooks, zip ties or velcro. Lots of things to try!

Now here is a low tech way of doing it too. Notice the ties holding the whole box up. Think ribbon or tulle and a big bow. Yowza!
So this is gonna' happen people!
By the way, I've had a productive junking trip to the coast for more whimsical bits and bobs for glamping...will share as soon as I photograph my treasures.
Oh summer here we dream!


  1. What great inspiration! Love the ribbon idea, so sweet. Anything that dresses up a campers windows like shutters, bits of garland or a window box, definitely pumps up that special homey touch. Thank you for sharing girl!