Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me Doin'

Thought I'd share one of my paintings. I love fields of grass and flowers. I spent time playing in similar fields as a child and it brings such good memories. 
Painting has been a restful companion while recovering from my heart attack in November. I've decided to write about this for a couple reasons. One, February is heart healthy month. Two, I hope my experience will alert others to be watchful for unusual sensations. 
My heart attack was a total blind-side since I had and have nothing to indicate it should have happened. I was just walking on the beach. The symptoms were in my neck and jaw. Kind of like a tightening in my neck and jaw. It was a very odd sensation unlike anything I've ever felt. I thought it might be a weird allergic reaction to something. I took an aspirin just in case and went to emergency. Emergency didn't think it was a heart attack until they hooked me up to the electro-cardiogram machine.The medical community was stymied. I eat healthy and have no risk factors. For goodness sake  I'm the gal that even eats those little omega-3 fish twice a week! But, hey, it happened. So I'm slowly working my way back. I had been feeling a little sorry for myself. I had to curtail a lot of my activities. Now I've been cleared to resume most physical activities as long as I monitor my heart rate. So I'm swimming and walking. I hope to add a couple more miles to my daily walk of three miles at least a few days a week
Until now I've refused to write about the heart attack until I felt like I was getting back to my old active self. I think that is finally starting to happen. 
All of this has put me behind on my plans for the redo on La Dee Dah. Meanwhile, I can plan and look forward to carrying them out as energy and time allows.
My heart to yours!


  1. Glad you are on a path to recovery. I hate that they health moments cause us to feel vulnerable. But alas, we are. Looking forward not back sounds like a very good plan!! Love your painting!!

  2. I love your paintings, there is something so happy and peaceful about them. Heart attack! Oh my! So glad to hear you paid attention to your body and didn't dismiss those symptoms. You mentioned you have a super healthy lifestyle...makes me wonder about the rest of us poor souls, if we don't pull up our cowgirl boots...we might not have a fighting chance! Thankfully your body was strong and good to hear you are on the mend. Thank you for sharing your experience...a real eye opener for me!