Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Junking at the Oregon Coast

Watching Wally and the Beaver this morning.
At least June looks good. I need some of that hairspray. She always looks so tidy and energetic. Even in the morning...Ah the vintage housewife.

 It has been very drippy...yes I know its January, but we actually sat on the beach and read ...in the sun folks..... just a day ago.
We've wandered through many a junk store and managed to come up with some good stuff and stuff with possibilities. I saw a set of atomic rooster pedestal mugs in aqua. Now they would be perfect for someone. I really love the atomic rooster pattern. Don't ask me why. So far I have resisted the urge because it really goes with nothing I have.
 Anyway, these are some things I picked up so far. A lovely set of four small octagonal plates made in England. They have a lovely floral pattern. Great colors too and for $1 a piece.

And then the sweet $3 Starflite travel case. It is a light blue and a bit faded in the front. The metal is in nice condition. The interior is not lined. It is all ready for a new look. I'm thinking red with white polka dots and cherries somewhere. Or maybe a tiny vintage trailer painted on the outside. So many ways to go! I think I need another one of those cases!

What do you think of this pink can opener? It was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. How perfect!

I came across this adorable doormat; new from Current. It's on the way to my house as I write. I'm so excited! It will look fab-u-lous! I think I'll base my exterior decor colors on the doormat too. I'm leaning towards a blue door on Lah Dee Dah like the blue in the mat.
Yikes! People!! Time to get a move on. Ward is home, problems solved and life is good!

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  1. Lynne, I absolutely LOVE all your things, especially the doormat and the can opener!