Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pin Dots Too!

The sewing machine has been rattling off those little feet these last few days. I've finally finished all the curtains! I can verify La DeeDah does have a lota' windows! Of course, with each project comes the inevitable snafu. This time I didn't allow enough length for the take up of the rod. So..o-o..o-o... I had to take apart the top of two curtains and add a little to each. Fortunately, I checked before I got them all done...sheesh! But then I was short on fabric.  The hunt was on to get more. The store by my house was out of the tiny pin dot. So I drove all over trying to find it. I finally found some at a Walmart a distance away. More careful measuring next time! I am pleased with them and think they will liven the place up. Best of all they meld my color, pink, blue with a smattering of green and yellow thrown in to the mix.


  1. I can't wait to see her.... Only one week now..... I'm excited to finally meet you!

  2. I think the Swiss Pin Dot Looks Perfect!