Monday, May 20, 2013

Eight cushions later

Sewing ....sewing and more sewing! Yes! I am finally done recovering the cushions for  La Dee Dah. It turned out to be a much bigger job than I had imagined...of course, isn't it always that way! Anywho, each cushion had it's own shape. I had failed to notice the cushions are slightly curved on the corners. Dang, no squared easy peesy corners!
 Each had to be fitted, checks lined up, zippers put in and then the sides stitched. Yikes!
Time to celebrate after more than two weeks of  cushion  recovering.

 Sounds so simple! I'm so glad I nixed piping, since we sleep on the cushions and I thought it might feel lumpy. Lucky I thought of that since piping would have just added to the work. Well, it was still a lot of work , but worth it. The checks will lighten the interior and be much more cheerful. I can hardly wait to see them in place. 
La Dee Dah is still in storage. We intend to get her next week and ready her for the glamping season. The little lady needs her door painted badly. I've chosen a pretty light blue. At some point I want to paint some decorations on the door. I thought blue would be a good background color. 
Back to my sewing projects..... curtains, next!


  1. You did a wonderful job! My sister in law made mine for me and they just came today in the mail. Since my SIL made them from my measurements, they turned out a little too big for all the reasons you listed--rounded corners, unevenly compressed foam from years of use and being squished inside covers that were too small...but, they still look great. I think they'll shrink up a bit more in the wash. She asked me if she should make them on the small side so they'd fit tighter, but I erred on the side of a little too big just in case I want to buy new foam eventually. Hope I chose correctly!
    Anyway, wonderful job!! Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Adrienne! I am pleased with the results. I had to pull the fabric really tight to get them fitted well. Then I decided to reuse the zippers too. So that meant ripping those out in order to use them. They were such nice metal zippers so I'm glad I did. Your sister in law was super to sew yours for you.
      By the way, little Bing is coming along nicely. The painting looks really fresh and airy. Your family will have a fun time traveling with Bing.