Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh Boy, Lets Go!

   Mr. J and I rapidly packed La Dee Dah for her last outing this year.  Then we were on the road traveling out of Portland, past Vancouver and on our way to Seaquest State Park.
   This was only our second time traveling with our little 1969 Timberline trailer.
   In just a few hours we arrived at Seaquest. Together we unhitched and leveled La Dee Dah. Then Mr. J had the awning up in record time as I was still setting up the interior. He didn't even need  help!

It was so much fun getting out the found objects we've accumulated this last month. My big faves are the red metal apple shaped canisters.They fit on the counter, right behind the stove. 

I simply love this pillow! It was discovered in an antique mall in Newport, Oregon. It is so cute...Tango by the light of the moon. It seemed destined for us, since we enjoy ballroom dancing.

Before long camp was ready! La Dee Dah, Oh Boy! Cha Cha Cha!


  1. It will be fun to watch her come along. I treasure every single memory of my little Lolita and I know you will luv yours more and more each trip...Glamp On!!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm already planning our trips for the spring and summer.This winter will be spent recovery the seats and making new curtains. I have so many ways to go with the decorating. It's hard to decide, but I think it will evolve. Hey, you have fun and glamp on too! (It's a little like saying "use the force"..ha,ha!)