Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cha cha cha!

Ah...drip, drip. The Pacific Northwest rain has begun in earnest. The clouds hang in low and dark. But I have something fun to turn my thoughts too....La Dee Dah! She's hopefully dry beneath her cover. Plans are being made for a permanent structure to be built. But that is in the works.

 Meanwhile, I've been searching for bright and cheerful fabrics to recover the seats. I think I've found a nice red check. The weight is good and yay!!! No wrinkling! I still have to measure and figure the yardage required. Her current seats have zippers and I'm thinking of using Velcro instead. I'll see what will work the best.

La Dee Dah's dining area....so sweet!

Don't ya'  think those red and white checks would make that interior oh so lively? I also have found so many wonderful ideas for window coverings that would compliment the checks. Hmmmm I think my mind is made up! Checks for sure!!

Here are La Dee Dah's  new dishes. We used them on our final trip to the Mt. St.Helen's area. They were really great...easy to clean and tucked up in the cupboard perfectly. See how fab red checks would look with those dishes! Love it!
One more thing people. When I was checking out the fabric I spotted these at IKEA. They are on my wish list...o-o-o-o so darlin'!

Glamp on!

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