Monday, July 22, 2013

Glamping with Hubs

We decided to head up to the Santiam Pass area in our beautiful state of Oregon. We packed La Dee Dah with our clothes and a few other important things like s'more supplies and wienies to roast. It seemed so easy this time since I have most of the trailer goods in a couple of plastic containers or in the La Dee Dah's cupboards. It was a matter of carrying them out to the trailer and storing them on the bunk. Then stocking the fridge and the "pantry", the storage box to the right of the kitchenette. We had a quick discussion about taking the bikes, but in the end decided not to. We were really going to spend most of the time fishing and hiking.  Packed and off we went!
Several hours later we arrived at Coldwater Creek Camp. The camp site was beautiful, but very uneven. Try as we might we couldn't level La Dee Dah. There was also  a drop off right out the front door. So no awning either. No problem. We're in the shade mostly anyway. Now aren't we easy going!  
No worries and those wienies were calling our names.
The table is ready with my rooster tablecloth from Portugal.

Clear Lake at Coldwater Cove Campground

The lake looked clear and sparkling. The plan was to rent a row boat and try our luck fishing the next day. 

That gave me a little time for reading before bedtime. I'm usually a late into bed and early up gal, but that night we turned in early.

The following morning we rented the boat and spent the day fishing. I love my new pole! Did I or hubs catch anything....nada. But we were determined to try again!
A view in the evening as we row back to our camp.
The next day we decided to hike around the lake in the morning and have lunch at the lodge located at one end of the lake. It didn't look far. Ha, ha! The trail ended up circling around behind the lodge. So it was a bit further than it appeared. The trail was really lovely. It wound through lava beds and forest with wonderful views of the lake too. 

Yes, that really is the trail people! A bit rough in places. We met some guys on bikes and warned them.

That's Clear Lake alright!

We crossed several bridges over the McKenzie River.

A waterfall too!

I was surprised to see so many wildflowers along the trail.

The lodge from the back as we followed the trail winding behind. Those are the Three Sisters just over the tops of the trees.

We had a terrific time at Coldwater Campground! Even though we didn't catch fish. There were others fishing too and we only saw one fish caught. The camping spots are pleasant, but not the best for trailers, even as small as ours. We checked out other sites and the asphalt pads were not deep or wide, nor level. There are no hook ups. Water has to be pumped and the toilets are vault. The trails were fabulous. We only hiked the trail around the lake. There are more trails close by. The lodge has ice and serves breakfast and cafe type lunch sandwiches. I had a hamburger and it was good. So if you are looking for rustic, quiet, and beautiful, this could be your spot. Would we go there again? Sure!!


  1. What a lovely spot you found..... With a destination like that, doesn't it make you wish summer was 6 months long? Great photo shots....makes me wish I was there with you!

    1. After reading about the heat where you are located right now, I'm sure you would have enjoyed the cool breezes across the lake.
      Thanks for the encouraging comments about my photos. I'm working on my photography. It would be kind to say that in the past my photos remotely resembled the subject. So these are a huge improvement. Your photos are so good..sigh!

  2. Great write up about your trip! I love that last photo of your camper in amongst those tall trees. This whole camping thing seems to get easier the more we do it too. It is so easy when most of your supplies are already stored in your trailer, then all you have to do is think about the meals. When we went to PEI a couple of weeks ago we agreed to just do breakfasts at the campsite. That made it a real vacation, lol. Hope you have better luck fishing next time :)