Monday, July 1, 2013

More Glamping Goodness...Death by Chocolate

People, I have to begin with a big thanks to the gals at Site W6. They did a fantastic job of hosting Death by Chocolate! 
That's me ready to cut my Whoopie Pie cake . that was what was in the picnic basket! I have to say, when I found the recipe, I knew that was the recipe for the ooey , gooey chocolate dessert needed for this special event.. It is a really decadent chocolate cake with a marshmallow fluff and butter filling. The frosting is ganache made from heavy cream and dark chocolate. I'm not much of a cake eater, but it was delish!

I managed to nearly knock down everything with the crinoline. Good strategy for keeping everyone else away from the food! Isn't that a dream table, people!! Gals brought just about every chocolate treat anyone could imagine. Unfortunately, I have to limit chocolate intake. Sadness....the caffeine ya' know. But I did get a bit of Cathy's lush orange chocolate tort!  Yum! By the way, we also had some killer drinks that began with......chocolate martinis! Yay!

Terri and Barb keepin' the peace. 
Glamorous Cathy in vintage regalia. Love that pink!

Glamping gals having fun!

Karen (left) hanging out.
Shirley, our wonderful leader, lookin' groovy.

We all had such a terrific time!
 Thanks to Sara for use of her photos (forgot my camera). I regret not having a picture of  her with the coconut bra and grass skirt. What a hoot!

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