Friday, July 26, 2013

Out and About

Mr.J and I walked Hawthorne area this week. The walk began at Mt. Tabor Park and then down to the Hawthorn area. Mr.J thinks we ought to tootle on over there every week to climb the stairs. I'm not quite so enthused!
The fields were in bloom. Sweetpeas and Queen Anne's Lace dotted the hillside. 

One of Portland's famous uncovered water reservoirs, #6. Great view of the city.

We passed by the Western Seminary. The doors and windows were wide open to let a little air in. day! 

The long, hot road before us. 

The flowers were often lovely along our route through residential area.

We wandered past coffee shops, restaurants and lots of vintage stores.

 Hawthorne Vintage was one we went into. I found a pink and black silk scarf with a mid-century modern vibe. Mr.J gravitated towards an aggressive sounding turquoise timer. We ended up at Ben and Jerry's for a cool off with ice cream before hiking back up the hill where we left the car.
It was a fine way to spend the day with my favorite guy!


  1. Such a wonderful blog, thanks for sharing. Love La dee dah

    1. A very nice compliment...thank you! I appreciate you dropping by. Come by any time!